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Published: 20th January 2010
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I've decided to share with everyone my experience on cubefield game online.

Basically if you are not familiar with the cubefield game, you begin as a small star ship all by yourself on this remotely far-off planetoid and you cruise among these colorful cube like objects in 3D.

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This was the short version,

wait until you reach the dark levels

but when you really study the game and start getting better and better, you beginto notice how it effects your coordination and hand to eye cordination.

The game is played with the arrow keys, no fire triggers, no machine gun at all, only maneuvering in high speeds among these cubes.

You will need to press the keyboard's arrow keys in so that your player can move. If you want to go right, hit the right arrow key, and in reverse.

This flash game has enabled players to have some very effortless navigation through all the levels of the game.

it's always for free

Level after level the game gets harder and harder.

try it before you drink coffee, cube field is worth the punch.

I suggest to start in the not high level and climb up the difficulties as you get better and earn experience.

In the advanced version, you have these additional shapes like triangles and circles, once you open the secret levels in the cubefield game the experience gets a lot better.

To accomplish this,To advance there all you have to do is finish the game with a 999K score or higher, then when the grats screen comes up, write cube field as your nick.
Once you write cubefield as your name, you will get the advanced version were things easily get hot (don't worry it's totally free like every online game).

The world of gaming provides many excellent free online games to computer users.

Enjoy the free online game, you'll be very pleased.

kids enjoy this game and it is very suitable for all ages, including little children.

You can appreciate cubefield in this link: cubefield

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